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our company attended the 21st national electrochemistry conference

2023-05-30 11:38:00

on may 23, the 21st national electrochemistry conference, sponsored by the electrochemistry committee of china chemical society and hosted by dalian university of technology, opened in dalian.

the theme of the meeting is "electrochemistry helps to neutralize carbon and promote high-quality development". xing wei, the chief scientist of the company, attended the meeting as the director of the electrochemistry special committee of the china chemical society. the technical staff of the company also attended the meeting and conducted academic exchanges. at the meeting, the company was awarded the sponsor of the electrochemistry award.

as one of the theme forums of the conference, the dalian hydrogen energy industry summit forum was also held at the same time. the forum focuses on the frontiers of science and technology and industrial practice in the field of hydrogen energy, as well as the application potential of hydrogen energy in multiple scenarios under the background of "double carbon". li jie, general manager of the company, first made an exchange and speech at the forum.

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