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shandong province pem hydrogen production energy storage manufacturing innovation center---work progress

2022-04-14 11:38:00


shandong province pem hydrogen energy storage manufacturing innovation center (hereinafter referred to as the innovation center) is the first manufacturing innovation center alliance in the field of hydrogen energy in our province. the purpose of the establishment is to combine all kinds of innovation subjects in society, accelerate the breakthrough of cutting-edge technologies and key common technologies in the field of hydrogen energy and the transformation and industrialization of major scientific and technological achievements, improve the core competitiveness of the hydrogen production industry in our province, and lead the industrial development.


preliminary progress in the establishment of the innovation center

the competent department of "shandong pem hydrogen energy storage manufacturing innovation center" is jinan bureau of industry and information technology, and shandong sykeses hydrogen energy co., ltd. is the lead unit. changchun institute of applied chemistry, chinese academy of sciences, shandong dongyue future hydrogen materials co., ltd., jiangsu guofu hydrogen technology equipment co., ltd., state power investment beijing green hydrogen technology development co., ltd., duoying investment management shares

co., ltd. and a total of 7 domestic research institutes, leading enterprises and investment and financing companies formed a strong pem hydrogen production technology industry alliance, around the industrial key common technology research and development, deep integration of industry-university-research cooperation network, set up an innovation center, the formation of talent achievements and technology diffusion, radiation and transfer transformation network.

the innovation center has formulated a clear technological innovation plan and route, has a continuous and stable r & d fund guarantee, has and shares a high-level talent team and advanced infrastructure, equipment and equipment, etc., can provide a place for major industrial innovation, talent technology, capital and other support.


the innovation center has set up a technical expert committee as an internal technical advisory and decision-making advisory body. management systems such as "r & d technical personnel rating system" and "innovation center research personnel training system" have been formulated. through the improvement of the system, the innovation center has also established a comprehensive training system to provide a wide range of development opportunities for the center's employees, and recommend excellent students to enter universities and research institutes for further study, and actively establish a channel platform for the introduction and training of international talents.

the center builds an open cooperation and exchange mechanism, and provides public services such as equipment sharing, technology transfer, personnel training, achievement transformation, public testing, business incubation, venture capital and financing for industries and regions.

benign development stage of innovation center

from january 2022 to june 2022, by undertaking technical research and development services for pem hydrogen production and fuel cell industry, enterprises, providing technical scheme design, research, testing and complete technical services in hydrogen production, hydrogen use and fuel cells; open the laboratory of the center, provide a shared platform to the society, implement paid technical services, and gradually achieve a virtuous circle of self-development.

1) building a modern innovation center. continuous improvement of the hardware construction of the innovation center has a comprehensive supporting system of process research, design, process improvement to product pilot and pilot production, and can realize the systematic research and test hardware environment of hydrogen production equipment and fuel cells from small and pilot tests to industrial production, and is equipped with corresponding international and domestic advanced instruments and equipment. build a first-class innovation center with high standards, modernization and openness.

(2) improve the software construction of innovation center. establish and improve the organizational management system; establish and improve management system documents; establish standard operating procedures to systematize and standardize platform construction.

(3) carry out various forms of industry-university-research combination. the innovation center cooperates with changchun institute of applied chemistry, chinese academy of sciences, to improve the research and development and manufacturing capacity related to hydrogen production equipment and fuel cells, and timely understand and study advanced scientific and technological achievements at home and abroad.

(4) build 20 innovation platforms such as provincial and above enterprise technology centers, key laboratories, engineering laboratories and industrial design centers in this field.

focus of the innovation center

according to the acceptance requirements of the provincial manufacturing innovation center, the specific work plan is as follows:

1. strive to be identified as a provincial manufacturing innovation center by the end of 2022:

(1) set up a fixed r&d team of the expansion center based on the existing r&d team of hydrogen energy. it is expected to introduce more than 2 doctors and more than 5 masters in 2022 to complete the construction of the r&d team and actively introduce r&d teams of all units in the alliance to cooperate.

(2) build 20 innovation platforms such as technology centers, key laboratories, engineering laboratories and industrial design centers of enterprises above provincial level in this field.

(3) the expert committee shall formulate a clear technological innovation plan, break through 1 common bottleneck of key technologies, break through 3 common bottleneck of key technologies, and realize the transfer and diffusion of at least 1 common technology or realize enterprise incubation through technology.

2. team building, platform construction, project management and financial management shall be carried out in accordance with the identification standards of the national manufacturing innovation center, and strive to complete the identification of the national manufacturing innovation center in the shortest period.

3, the cultivation cycle is 2 years, in principle not more than 3 years, according to the maturity conditions of the cultivation period one by one.

welcome industry leaders and experts to guide the work and promote communication!