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the leader of the national energy administration visited saikesaisi hydrogen energy to carry out research

2021-10-15 14:49:00

on october 14, accompanied by the leaders of shandong province and jinan city, liu yafang, deputy director of the science and technology department of the national energy administration, visited saikesaisi hydrogen energy to exchange views and give guidance and suggestions on the performance, marketing and development of domestic pem pure water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment!

director liu yafang attached great importance to the mwh pem pure water electrolysis hydrogen production system independently developed by our company. in the face of the two mwh electrolytic cells in the container, he inquired in detail about the localization degree, safety and stability, electrolytic power consumption and landing situation of the equipment, fully affirmed the efforts made by our company to the localization of pem hydrogen production equipment, and suggested that the system be landed as soon as possible. 


at the discussion and exchange meeting, zou fangming, chairman of the company, briefly introduced the development process of the company, and ding xiaotao, technical director of the company, reported the company's deep cultivation of hydrogen industry to overcome the "jam neck" technology and future development planning. director liu and his delegation highly affirmed the achievements of the company, encouraged the company to make continuous efforts, speed up the progress, and achieve 100% localization of equipment as soon as possible through the coordinated development of upstream and downstream enterprises! at the same time, encourage the company to actively respond to the market competition challenges of imported brands, take targeted market strategies, not only to create domestic brands, but also to ensure the steady development of the company! director liu said that hydrogen energy is an important part of the future energy, the country attaches great importance to the development of hydrogen energy industry, as the leading enterprise of domestic pem hydrogen production equipment, saikesaisi hydrogen energy company should seize the opportunity, take responsibility, strengthen the cooperation of enterprises in the industrial chain, from the source of hydrogen production to promote the high-quality development of hydrogen industry.