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shandong saikesaisi hydrogen energy co., ltd. was listed on the list of jinan key laboratory to be filed in 2022

2022-04-15 15:10:00

on april 13, 2022, jinan science and technology bureau publicized the list of jinan key laboratories to be filed in 2022, and jinan pem key laboratory of hydrogen energy technology established by shandong saikesaisi hydrogen energy co., ltd. was successfully listed.



shandong saikesaisi hydrogen energy co., ltd. was established in january 2007, is a professional engaged in hydrogen industry research and development, technological innovation, manufacturing of high-tech enterprises. the r & d team is committed to the research of pem hydrogen production technology for more than 30 years, has developed six generations of pure water electrolysis hydrogen production products, has 27 intellectual property rights of various types, participated in the formulation of two national standards for hydrogen production by water electrolysis, led the formulation of a group standard, the company undertakes the national key r & d program in 2018, and participates in the national key r & d program in 2021. twice cooperated with top domestic universities and research institutes on key common technologies of pem hydrogen production, stimulated the team's innovation enthusiasm, and applied cutting-edge technologies and new materials to product production, realized the rapid transformation of technological achievements, significantly improved product added value and core competitiveness, product quality and enterprise efficiency synchronous improvement. relying on deep technical accumulation and industrialization foundation, shandong saikesaisi hydrogen energy co., ltd. has achieved rapid growth under the background of 30 carbon peak-60 carbon neutrality, and has burst out strong development potential.

重点实验室03.pngenterprises adhere to driving innovation, pay attention to research and development investment, in the past three years, the cumulative investment in research and development costs of more than 30 million yuan for consolidating basic research facilities and personnel training. in 2021, the company set up jinan pem key laboratory of hydrogen energy technology to create a standard laboratory environment, equipped with advanced r & d testing equipment, flexible and full-time introduction of high-end professional and technical personnel, and carry out industry-university research cooperation with a number of domestic universities and research institutes. it aims to carry out technical exchanges with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain through the key laboratory platform, focus on cutting-edge science and technology, output technical services, and actively promote the research and development and industrialization of key technologies of hydrogen energy in our city, our province and our country, so as to contribute to improving the independent innovation capability of china's hydrogen energy industry and the competitiveness of the international market.