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saikesaisi hydrogen energy signed research and development cooperation agreements with beijing green hydrogen and chongqing electromechanical

2021-07-22 16:04:00

on july 21, shandong saikesaisi hydrogen energy co., ltd. (referred to as saikesaisi hydrogen energy) signed a research and development cooperation agreement with beijing green hydrogen science and technology development co., ltd. (referred to as beijing green hydrogen) and chongqing electromechanical co., ltd. (referred to as chongqing electromechanical). the three parties will explore new models of business cooperation, strengthen brand, market, technology and product cooperation, jointly overcome the key technologies of green hydrogen energy "jam neck", and jointly promote the development of china's hydrogen energy industry.


beijing green hydrogen

beijing green hydrogen is a wholly-owned subsidiary of china power international co., ltd., responsible for the development and implementation of science and technology innovation demonstration projects in china electric power hydrogen energy industrial park. the business scope covers hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, transportation and refueling, investment and operation of hydrogen energy application projects, investment and operation of hydrogen energy industrial parks, etc.

chongqing electromechanical

chongqing mechanical and electrical co., ltd. is a state-owned company of chongqing. its business scope covers auto parts, electrical machinery and equipment, environmental protection equipment, power equipment and equipment, communication equipment, wind power equipment, equipment manufacturing industry, etc. it has a total of 54 enterprises at all levels, and 20 directly owned holding and wholly-owned, holding and joint venture enterprises.

saikesaisi hydrogen energy

saikesaisi hydrogen energy is the first large-scale spewe hydrogen production unit in china, undertaking the national key research and development plan of hydrogen and renewable energy key special projects, and has successfully completed the interim acceptance, with a good industrial foundation and technical accumulation, is the domestic pure water hydrogen production field leader.

the three parties will give full play to their respective advantages, carry out joint research and development on the key technologies of green hydrogen production, break through the monopoly of foreign technologies, accumulate strength for the large-scale development of hydrogen energy in the future, promote the steady and high-quality development of china's hydrogen energy industry, and contribute to the realization of the double carbon goal!