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the first megawatt pem hydrogen production system is up and running

2021-06-08 16:42:00

the national key research and development plan of our company's key special project "mw class solid polymer electrolyte electrolysis water hydrogen production technology" project successfully completed the mid-term acceptance in september 2020, and was evaluated by the experts organized by the high-tech center of the ministry of science and technology as "key special major achievements of the ministry of science and technology"! according to the requirements of the project, our company installed the second pem electrolytic cell in the system in april 2021 and carried out actual operation, and all operation indicators have met the requirements of the project conclusion.

首台兆瓦级制氢机启动01.pngthe system has been in operation for one month, the electrolytic power of the system has reached 1.3mw, the hydrogen production rate is 260nm³/h, 0-150% adjustable, the hydrogen production purity is 99.9995%, the outlet hydrogen pressure is 3.8mpa, and the hydrogen supply can be achieved in 5 minutes.

at present, the system is the first megawatt-level pem hydrogen production system in china, and the hydrogen production scale can meet the applications of hydrogen production energy storage, hydrogen refueling stations and other fields!

首台兆瓦级制氢机启动02.pngthe company will adhere to the concept of "taking from green water to green hydrogen", give full play to its own advantages, continue to adhere to driving innovation, further strengthen the construction of r & d team and platform construction, enhance independent innovation capabilities, and make greater contributions to the development of the national hydrogen energy cause!