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saikesaisi hydrogen innovation at the 2021 global technology transfer conference

2021-06-03 10:00:00

from may 31 to june 2, 2021, inno-match expo was successfully held at shanghai exhibition center. under the guidance of the ministry of science and technology of the people's republic of china and the shanghai municipal people's government, the conference is hosted by the department of achievement transformation and regional innovation of the ministry of science and technology, the torch high-tech industry development center of the ministry of science and technology, and the shanghai science and technology commission, and is hosted by the eastern center of national technology transfer.

全球技术转移大会01.pngthe conference arranged nearly 10,000 square meters of display area  is the first domestic "innovation demand" as the theme of science and technology exhibition, large scale and high specifications, which brings together more than 10,000 technological innovation needs, more than 500 international and domestic achievements to be transformed, more than 200 innovative products for small and medium-sized enterprises, 200 common demand solutions and more than 50 science and technology service institutions.

全球技术转移大会02.pngon behalf of jinan high-tech zone, saikesaisi hydrogen energy appeared at the national high-tech zone technology achievement exhibition area. the 200m³/h electrolytic reactor (1:1 model) on display is an important scientific research achievement of the national key research and development plan undertaken by the company in 2018, passed the mid-term acceptance in 2020, and was assessed as a key special major achievement of the ministry of science and technology "hydrogen energy and renewable energy". as a key core product to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality, this achievement has received extensive attention from leaders at all levels and exhibiting customers.

全球技术转移大会03.pngsaikesaisi hydrogen energy settled in jinan high-tech zone in 2007, completed the first recognition of high-tech enterprises in 2014, completed the key technology breakthrough of pem hydrogen core membrane electrode in 2016, undertook the national key research and development plan project in 2018, and invested more than 21 million yuan in scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation from 2018 to 2020. it has been rated as the "hidden champion" enterprise of small and medium-sized enterprises in shandong province, the "specialized and special new" small and medium-sized enterprises in shandong province and the gazelle enterprise in shandong province. for more than ten years, as a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise, it has witnessed the innovative development of jinan high-tech zone, and has also been strongly supported and affirmed by governments at all levels. in the next five years, the company will continue to deepen the green hydrogen production technology, starting from the whole industrial chain of hydrogen production, storage, transportation, processing and use, and gradually build the commercial ecosystem of jinan hydrogen energy industry, break through the promotion and application of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles from the field of buses and logistics vehicles, form a radiating effect on the province and even the whole country, and help the great goal of converting old and new energy sources and carbon neutrality be realized as soon as possible!