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saikesaisi hydrogen debuted at the 2021 china brand day

2021-05-11 10:31:00

the 2021 china brand day event kicked off at the shanghai exhibition center on may 10. li keqiang, member of the standing committee of the political bureau of the cpc central committee and premier of the state council, gave important instructions to the event. he lifeng, director of the national development and reform commission, attended the event and delivered a speech.

with its influence in the hydrogen production industry, saikesaisi hydrogen energy appeared at the shandong exhibition hall as a representative of china's new energy enterprises. saikesaisi hydrogen energy, committed to pem pure water electrolysis hydrogen production technology for more than 30 years, broke the united states in the field of technology monopoly, from laboratory gas distribution products to today's hydrogen energy equipment, products have formed a full range of independent production, is a veritable "from scratch, from good to good, from good to excellent, for the nation's honor" independent brand.

中国品牌日01.pngthe 200m³/h electrolytic reactor (1:1 model) exhibited by saikesaisi hydrogen energy this time is the currently known large-scale electrolytic pure water hydrogen production equipment, and is also an important scientific research achievement of the 2018 national key research and development plan undertaken by the company, and passed the mid-term acceptance in 2020, and was assessed as a key special achievement of the ministry of science and technology "hydrogen energy and renewable energy". at the event site, this large but beautiful guy attracted the attention of leaders, exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, and they were amazed when they learned that it is a key core product to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.

中国品牌日02.pnglin nianxiu, deputy director of the national development and reform commission, wang shujian, standing committee member of the shandong provincial party committee and executive vice governor, visited the saikesaisi hydrogen pem hydrogen electrolysis reactor. electrolytic reactor is the core component of pure water electrolysis hydrogen production system, which is based on proton exchange membrane (pem) electrolysis water technology, matched by intelligent electronic control system, and can realize the production and use of green hydrogen output. pem hydrogen production has the characteristics of high efficiency, environmental protection, fast start-up, strong power variability, and self-consistent with the fluctuation of renewable energy sources such as wind energy, solar energy and hydropower. hydrogen has excellent quality and is suitable for hydrogen fuel cell hydrogen source application, which is one of the best ways to develop hydrogen energy industry.

china's brand day focus on publicity and display of china's brand development new results and new image, will further condense the consensus of brand development in the whole society, spread the concept of brand development, create a strong atmosphere of brand development, continue to promote brand building, and promote the formation of a strong domestic market. in the urgent period when countries around the world are deploying hydrogen energy, saikesaisi hydrogen energy shoulders the mission of national brand, will make every effort to "hydrogen", reduce the cost of green hydrogen with scientific and technological innovation, and constantly expand the large-scale application of green hydrogen, and contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality and high-quality sustainable development in china!