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wang zhigang, minister of the ministry of science and technology, investigated our company's hydrogen energy equipment

2021-04-17 11:34:00

on april 16, wang zhigang, minister of science and technology, and xianglibin, vice minister of science and technology, visited jinan to investigate the development of hydrogen energy industry. provincial party committee standing committee, party secretary sun licheng, vice governor ling wen, provincial science and technology department director tang bo and other leaders accompanied the whole process.

科技部长01.png科技部长02.pngminister wang gave high hopes for the development of hydrogen energy in jinan city, and investigated the development of scientific and technological hydrogen energy enterprises in jinan city. in the exhibition hall of the carbon neutral research center of the institute of atmospheric physics of the chinese academy of sciences, the pem pure water electrolysis hydrogen production series products displayed by shandong saikesaisi hydrogen energy co., ltd. were highly concerned by minister wang. zou fangming, chairman of the company, gave a brief overview of the company's technological growth process, focusing on the major project undertaken by the ministry of science and technology "megawatt-level solid polymer electrolyte electrolysis water hydrogen production technology", and reported to minister wang and provincial and municipal leaders the technical advantages of saikesaisi hydrogen energy company, which scientific and technological problems have been solved, and how to break the monopoly position of foreign enterprises in the field. finally, the chairman thanked the national, provincial and municipal leaders at all levels for their support for the development of hydrogen energy in shandong, and promised to complete the localization of hydrolysis proton exchange membrane and the development and market of 10mw or even larger pem hydrogen production equipment in the next three years, contributing to the ambitious goal of carbon neutrality!

科技部长03.pngsubsequently, chairman zou fangming, researcher xing wei of changchun institute of chemical engineering of chinese academy of sciences and general manager wang shourong accompanied minister wang and provincial and municipal leaders to inspect the company's megawatt-level pem hydrogen production electrolytic cell. in front of the largest megawatt pem hydrogen production tank in china, the chairman of the company raised the current policy issues encountered in the development of hydrogen energy. after hearing the report, minister wang, secretary sun licheng and vice governor ling wen fully recognized that saikesaisi hydrogen energy focused on the research and development of pem hydrogen energy technology and the realization of industrial development, and were very concerned about the company and domestic enterprises to jointly realize the localization of proton exchange membrane, and asked about the effective size and technical parameters of pem electrolytic cell pile to deal with the large-scale hydrogen production and energy storage market. and now has been able to achieve the ministry of science and technology major research and development project indicators to give praise! finally, on the issue of hydrogen as a policy obstacle to the management of hazardous chemicals, vice governor ling wen expressed the hope that the company can put forward suggestions, and the government can solve this policy problem by formulating relevant standard policies!

科技部长04.pngminister wang put forward high expectations for the development of the new energy industry in jinan, especially the hydrogen energy industry, hoping that jinan will attach importance to scientific and technological innovation, take the "hydrogen into 10,000" science and technology demonstration project as the center point, break through the key common technologies in the hydrogen energy industry chain, and promote the high-quality development of the hydrogen energy industry!

with the attention of the national, provincial and municipal governments at all levels to the development of hydrogen energy, saikesaisi hydrogen energy is confident about the future development! we also hope that with the support of governments at all levels, the technical advantages over the years can be effectively converted into products, and the green hydrogen produced will continue to be transmitted to the hydrogen end, reduce emissions, and contribute to the goal of carbon neutrality!