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shandong saikesaisi hydrogen energy co., ltd. was listed on the list of "gazelle enterprises in shandong province"

2020-12-18 14:51:00

on december 16, 2020, shandong provincial department of industry and information technology announced the list of gazelle and unicorn enterprises in shandong province in 2020, and shandong saikesaisi hydrogen energy co., ltd. successfully entered the list of "gazelle enterprises in shandong province in 2020" with advantages such as fast growth, strong innovation ability and great development potential.


"gazelle" is a kind of small, good at running and jumping antelope, and the "gazelle enterprise" born from this refers to the enterprise that has crossed the death valley and entered the rapid growth period, also known as high-growth enterprises.

won the honorary title of "gazelle enterprise", shandong saikesaisi hydrogen energy co., ltd. deserves the name. in recent years, the company actively gives play to its own industrial base advantages and technological innovation advantages, accelerates the industrialization of independent research and development achievements, and brings energy-grade large-scale pure water hydrogen production equipment to the market, breaking the foreign monopoly, and laying the cornerstone of hydrogen source for the upcoming hydrogen energy society; at the same time, the company does not forget to follow the tide of information technology, create more intelligent and controllable small and medium-sized products, and complete product upgrade iteration. small to health care hydrogen cup, laboratory gas distribution hydrogen generator to electronic semiconductor packaging hydrogen production machine, nuclear energy hydrogen, power plant hydrogen cooling station, to coupled renewable energy hydrogen production and storage, fuel cell vehicle hydrogen refueling station, the product formation of large, small and medium series rapidly occupied various market areas, to achieve sales revenue and profit double compound growth.

hydrogen energy is recognized as one of the ultimate energy sources of mankind, and the hydrogen energy industry has great potential for development. as the beginning of the industrial chain, saikesaisi hydrogen energy co., ltd. has always adhered to the concept of green hydrogen production, committed to the development of internationally advanced pem hydrogen production technology, and carried out efficient mw-level hydrogen production technology research through industry-universal-research cooperation with a number of domestic universities and research institutes. in the past three years, a total of more than 16 million yuan has been invested in key technology research and development and the industrialization of achievements. it has effectively enhanced the independent innovation capability of china's hydrogen production industry and the competitiveness of the international market.

the long wind and waves will sometimes hang the cloud sail to the sea. the successful selection of gazelle enterprises is the recognition and affirmation of the rapid growth of saikesaisi hydrogen energy company by governments at all levels. the company not only wants to be the first to eat crabs in the domestic pure water hydrogen production industry, but also to continue to innovate independently, dare to break through international advanced technology, break foreign technology monopoly, like gazelle, seize opportunities, go forward, become bigger and stronger to become a leader in the hydrogen production industry!