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saikesaisi hydrogen energy ding xiaotao won the second "impact jinan" scientific and technological figures

2020-12-01 15:02:00

scientific and technological innovation leads high-quality development, and talent is the first element of "scientific and technological innovation in jinan". on december 1, the second "influence jinan" science and technology figures selection and award event jointly sponsored by jinan daily newspaper group, jinan science and technology bureau and jinan science and technology association was held in longao building.

影响济南科技人物01.pngthis science and technology event selected a total of 15 "impact jinan" science and technology personality awards, 10 science and innovation pioneer awards, 8 science contribution awards. they are the new force for the construction of "scientific and creative jinan" and have made outstanding contributions to the real economy and high-quality development of jinan. liu chenghua, deputy director of the standing committee of the municipal people's congress, li jimin, vice chairman of the municipal political consultative conference and other leaders present awards to the winners, and launch the "impact jinan" government, industry, university and research fund to take innovation and entrepreneurship platform.

ding xiaotao, deputy general manager of shandong sykes hydrogen energy co., ltd. won the title of scientific and technological figure.


影响济南科技人物04.pngsaikesaisi hydrogen energy has been committed to the research of pem hydrogen production technology and high-purity gas source, successfully realized the industrialization development of pem hydrogen production technology in china, participated in the drafting of a number of national standards, and led the drafting of the first pem hydrogen production technology national standards, leading china's hydrogen production industry to the international leading level.

as the chief technical officer of pem hydrogen production, ding xiaotao led the company's r & d team to adhere to independent innovation, overcome difficulties, break through the key core technologies of pem, and successfully implemented the first set of pure water hydrogen production series products suitable for thermonuclear power plants, atomic energy, semiconductor chip manufacturing, renewable energy hydrogen production and energy storage.

at present, saikesaisi hydrogen energy co., ltd. is conducting research on the combined use of coupled renewable energy and pem hydrogen production technology, and strives to build the first domestic green hydrogen energy production and integrated engineering demonstration station, which is a famous brand of "china hydrogen valley" in jinan city, and contributes to the construction of china's hydrogen society.