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shandong saikesaisi hydrogen energy co., ltd. : strictly grasp the epidemic prevention and control and resume work in a safe and orderly manner

2020-02-14 15:37:00

recently, enterprises across the country started to resume work mode. shandong saikesaisi hydrogen energy co., ltd. according to the actual situation of the company, actively respond to the government's call for "batch and orderly return to work", the implementation of online office mode for non-production operations, the implementation of home office mode for employees returning from other provinces, and the combination of various office modes, has recently realized the resumption of work, and the production and operation work has been carried out steadily and orderly.

our company always takes the safety and health of employees as the top priority. before returning to work, we set up an epidemic prevention and control team as soon as possible in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention and control measures issued by the government, and conducted professional training. before employees return to work, we thoroughly eliminated all areas of the company, formulated a strict epidemic prevention system and supervision and inspection mechanism, and strictly implemented it.

after the resumption of work, the team members were responsible for the daily disinfection of key areas, temperature detection of employees, information registration of external personnel and other work, with a clear division of labor to ensure the safe and orderly conduct of all work.

the hydrogen energy company has formulated strict epidemic prevention regulations, and the temperature of employees is measured twice a day, and the temperature is qualified before entering the office area. disinfect the office area and factory twice a day in the morning and evening to ensure the safety of the working environment for employees; place disinfectant supplies in office and public areas, and post warning signs; all employees are not allowed to enter or leave the factory at will, and must apply and register under special circumstances. prohibit foreign personnel from entering the factory, comprehensively strengthen management and protection, and try to minimize the risk.

the company actively advocates that all employees reduce inter-departmental and inter-departmental meetings, and try to use a variety of communication equipment and software to achieve online office; encourage employees to bring their own lunch to avoid cross-infection.