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our company "pem hydrogen production equipment engineering laboratory" was approved

2019-12-13 15:46:00

recently, the jinan municipal development and reform commission publicized the list of "2019 jinan engineering laboratory (engineering research center)", and shandong saikesaisi hydrogen energy co., ltd. pem hydrogen production equipment engineering laboratory was named on the publicized list.

实验室获批01.pngjinan engineering laboratory is a research and development platform set up by enterprises, scientific research institutions or colleges and universities to improve industrial independent innovation ability and core competitiveness, promote industrial structure adjustment, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading. it is an important way for basic research results to be transformed into engineering technology, and an important part of the city's independent innovation system.

in 2017, our company established the engineering laboratory of pem hydrogen production equipment, which aims to solve the hydrogen source problem through pem hydrogen production and promote the development of the whole hydrogen industry chain from the source by gathering the technical resources of hydrogen energy-related industries in various aspects of production, learning and research, and strengthening collaborative innovation.

relying on the approved pem hydrogen production equipment engineering laboratory, the company will continue to invest special funds, continue to expand the scientific research team, accelerate the output of scientific research results, while formulating the quality inspection standards of pem hydrogen production core parts, providing a testing platform, and cooperating with upstream and downstream enterprises to accelerate the hydrogen energy industry in our province and promote the construction of china's hydrogen energy society.