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qls- h50 pure water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment is on the list of the first set of equipment in jinan in 2019.

2019-08-15 08:38:00

recently, the jinan municipal bureau of industry and information technology announced the list of "2019 jinan's first (set) equipment and key parts project", and the qls- h50 pure water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment independently developed by shandong sexes hydrogen energy co., ltd. won the publicity list.


the first (set) equipment of jinan city is one of the heavy incentive policies implemented by jinan industry and information technology bureau in the "notice of jinan people's government on issuing several policy measures to promote the development of advanced manufacturing industry and digital economy of jinan city", which aims to promote the industrialization process of equipment enterprises in our city and enhance the overall level of equipment manufacturing industry in our city and the core competitiveness of enterprises.

qls-h50 pure water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment adopts proton exchange membrane (pem) water electrolysis hydrogen production technology, innovative use of large membrane electrode preparation process, electrolytic cell sealing process, plc remote control software, etc., 8 intellectual property rights and 1 software 永利集团304am登录 copyright. the equipment produces 50 cubic meters of hydrogen per hour, which is the largest pem pure water electrolytic hydrogen production equipment developed in china. the main performance indicators have passed the inspection of shandong product quality inspection institute, and the technical indicators have reached the leading level in china by industry experts identified by jinan machinery association. the equipment has been successfully put on the market in 2019 and has created considerable economic benefits for the enterprise.

the qls-h50 pure water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment was selected as the first (set) equipment publicity list in jinan city, which is a well-deserved achievement in the transformation and upgrading process of hydrogen energy products to hydrogen energy equipment. at the same time, the implementation of the incentive policy and the award have further stimulated the company's research and development enthusiasm, and also greatly enhanced the influence of products. inject new vitality into the development of the company!