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saikesaisi hydrogen energy co., ltd. 's first megawatt-level 50m3/h large pure water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment perfect debut, ready to go!

2018-12-28 09:38:00

on december 26, 2018, foshan lanjian electronics co., ltd. officially opened the bid for the project of purchasing water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment in foshan. as the representative of the bid, director li of the hydrogen energy marketing department of saikesaisi communicated with the bid evaluation team several times about the technical plan, and passed the examination and approval of the tenderer. finally, after multiple rounds of bidding, under the competition of many competitors, shandong saikesaisi hydrogen energy research and development of qls-h50 hydrogen production equipment with its large hydrogen production capacity, advanced technology, stable performance and clean appearance structure and many other advantages stand out, shandong saikesaisi hydrogen energy co., ltd. won the bid, officially entered the semiconductor field market!

in order to enable customers to experience our equipment faster and better, under the leadership of director li jiaxi of the r & d department, the "comrades" of the r & d department work together, stay up all night, work overtime, strive for excellence, and strive to make the product more perfect. all pipe joints, electrical connectors, have been inspected at least 3 rounds. all electrical components are continuously powered on. the main component electrolytic cell is tested by continuously running several sets of 7x24 hours without any problems. today, the entire qls-h50 hydrogen production equipment has passed the factory inspection and testing at one time, and has made a perfect appearance, bearing the mission of serving the semiconductor industry, and is ready to set sail!

the first qls-h50 large-scale hydrogen production equipment was successfully completed, which laid a solid foundation for hydrogen energy company to move towards megawatt super-large hydrogen production equipment. we will continue to forge ahead, adhere to innovation, enhance our own brand building, and make greater contributions to the development of hydrogen energy industry!